Celebrate Flag Day
Celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia's Civic Flag every March 27!
McCook The Reverend Doctor Henry C. McCook (1837-1911)

Back in 1894, Rev. Dr. Henry C. McCook wrote a letter to then mayor, Edwin S. Stuart, suggesting that Philadelphia adopt a civic flag as a means of promoting civic pride. "The display and constant use of a Philadelphia Civic Flag would act towards the strengthening of civic pride, precisely as similar use of the National Flag tends to foster a spirit of national loyalty."

McCook's efforts proved fruitful. On March 27, 1895, an official civic flag was ordained by city council, designed using drawings McCook included in his letter.

Philly Pride Gallery

2011 - Tony Luke "FLAGS BAHRIAN" at his new restaurant!

Tony Luke, Jr. takes his famous Philly Cheesesteaks, Philly LOVE, and the PHILLY FLAG to Bahrain! Outside of his new Tony Luke's Shop in Bahrain, Tony "flags" dignitaries who attend the Grand Opening! The Philly Flag was donated for this special mission by Partners For Civic Pride, of which Tony is a Founding Board Member.
Yo! Anthony! Very Cool!