Celebrate Flag Day
Celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia's Civic Flag every March 27!
McCook The Reverend Doctor Henry C. McCook (1837-1911)

Back in 1894, Rev. Dr. Henry C. McCook wrote a letter to then mayor, Edwin S. Stuart, suggesting that Philadelphia adopt a civic flag as a means of promoting civic pride. "The display and constant use of a Philadelphia Civic Flag would act towards the strengthening of civic pride, precisely as similar use of the National Flag tends to foster a spirit of national loyalty."

McCook's efforts proved fruitful. On March 27, 1895, an official civic flag was ordained by city council, designed using drawings McCook included in his letter.

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2010 - Philly Flag Day in Australia

A request for a Philadelphia Civic Flag came to PFCP's attention via the office of the Honorable Anna C. Verna, President of City Council, and the office of Melanie Johnson, City Representative, who were both working together to fulfill the request. The request was from an Australian couple, Cynthia and Kenneth Ward. The couple collects American City Flags which they enjoy flying on the "City Day" corresponding to the flag's creation [ordinance]. Amazingly, PFCP board member, Eileen Butler, and her husband Bruce had a trip planned to Australia, and, even more amazing, they would be in the same area where the Wards lived! Of all the places to be on that huge continent of Australia, the Butlers would be in Nanango QLD, within "delivery distance" to the Wards to HAND DELIVER THE PHILADELPHIA CIVIC FLAG!!! Thanks to Ken and Cynthia Ward's interest in American City Flags, and Eileen and Bruce Butler caring enough to take a day of their vacation to present the flag, personally, the Philadelphia Civic Flag flies every March 27 in the Southern hemisphere! Simply, FLAG-NOMINAL!!!