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Celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia's Civic Flag every March 27th!
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Five Philly FLAG Facts


Who: Reverend Henry McCook, Vice President of the Academy of Natural Sciences 1882. He was a highly regarded Entomologist for his expertise on the behavior of ants and spiders. He was also a Presbyterian Minister.

What: He suggested the concept of a Philadelphia civic flag and submitted designs(drawings) for the flag with a letter to Mayor Edwin S Stuart on October 3 1894.

When: On March 27, 1895 City council made the flag official with an ordinance(Ordinance = A Law)

Where: The Philadelphia Civic Flag began flying in and around City buildings. Gradually it was used in other public arenas. Where have you seen our Philly FLAG? (Click here to let us know)

Why: The concept of the Philly FLAG was presented by McCook first and foremost as a "unifying symbol" for all citizens in this beautifully diverse ethnic city.

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2007 - Philly Flag Day Celebration

In 2007 PFCP partnered with the City of Philadelphia for a Philly Flag Raising at Thomas Paine Plaza to honor our Philly Flag soldiers. Our FIRST PHILLY FLAG SOLDIER was granted a leave to come and take part in the "raising of the Philly Flag" on the flagpole outside the MSB building. Kearny Elementary School Choir performed their ORIGINAL Philly Flag Song, "Let Brotherly Love Continue!" Kearney Kindergartners performed a touching "signed" message, sending PHILLY LOVE to all soldiers! Chapman Ford donated $1,000 to support the "Philly Flags For Soldiers" program and presented the check at this flag ceremony. Special Philly Flags were folded and presented to soldiers and dignitaries in attendance. Our Philly Flag colors, AZURE BLUE AND GOLDEN YELLOW were proudly represented in the Frankford High School JROTC Color Guard. Our Philly Flag Soldier attend Frankford High JROTC program! Lucky Thompson's Jazz Band played throughout the program and then played an especially jazzy rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILLY FLAG to send the flag on its way up to the top of the giant flag pole! A beautiful day - 75 degrees was a gift from Mother Nature for the outdoor celebration for our Philly Flag!