Celebrate Flag Day
Celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia's Civic Flag every March 27!
McCook The Reverend Doctor Henry C. McCook (1837-1911)

Back in 1894, Rev. Dr. Henry C. McCook wrote a letter to then mayor, Edwin S. Stuart, suggesting that Philadelphia adopt a civic flag as a means of promoting civic pride. "The display and constant use of a Philadelphia Civic Flag would act towards the strengthening of civic pride, precisely as similar use of the National Flag tends to foster a spirit of national loyalty."

McCook's efforts proved fruitful. On March 27, 1895, an official civic flag was ordained by city council, designed using drawings McCook included in his letter.

Philly Pride Gallery

Philly Pride Lady's Closet

PFCP is home to the Philly Pride Lady, and her closet is loaded with Philly Flag Pride! PPL makes aprons to help clean Philly, to teach Philly Stories, and to celebrate special Philly Occasions! Pictured in this gallery are six(6) of her seven(7) aprons:

#1 - READY TO WORK! Apron - This is her FIRST Philly Pride Apron [1998]. It has seen a lot of action over ten(10) years, cleaning Spring Garden Street with Ben Franklin High School students!

#2 - PHILADELPHIA MANETO! Apron - This is the first Philly Pride Apron that boldly proclaims our City Motto, PHILADELPHIA MANETO ~ Let Brotherly Love Continue! This apron was worn during the City Council session [2005] when the proud parents of our FIRST Philly Flag Soldier, Spc. Anthony Fusetti, were presented the Philly Flag to send to their son in Iraq.

#3 -2005 EAGLES SUPER BOWL Apron - When a sports team makes it to the final contest, Philly Pride Lady makes a special apron to commemorate the achievement and incorporates the Philly Flag message.

#4 - 2005 LIVE 8 Apron [ not pictured ] - July 2, 2005 was a flag-tastic day for Philadelphia as the seen of LIVE 8, a Star-studded event to help the Aids crisis in Africa, promoted by Activist Bob Geldof. The Ben Franklin Parkway was flooded with thousands who came to see the likes of Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Rob Thomas, Beyonce -Destiny's Child, and The Dave Matthews Band! The Stars came out to "Let Brotherly Love Continue" for those in need in Africa.

#5 - 2006 - WELCOME AMERICA ~ TIME LINE TO LIBERTY AND UNITY Apron - This teaching apron tells our shared Philadelphia Story of HOPE from William Penn in the Tower of London in 1668, all the way Marion Anderson receiving the First Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963. An addition was added to the time line for the 44th President. Barack Obama, our country's first African American in the Oval Office! President Obama chose to begin his Inaugural Journey to DC from Philadelphia, adding yet another link to Philly's shared story of a place that fosters Liberty and Unity for all!

#6 - 2007 - FIRST PHILLY FLAG DAY Apron - This teaching apron tells the story of our PHILADELPHIA CIVIC FLAG. PPL made this apron to wear at our Philly Flag Raising Ceremony honoring Philly Soldiers in 2007. Our Philly Flag Soldier, Anthony Fusetti, was granted a special leave to attend this March 27th party for the flag and the soldiers!

#7- 2008 PHILLIES WORLD SERIES apron ~ The Phillies apron was made to commemorate the 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP with additions made to the apron as the Team astoundingly went on to participate in the two(2) more World Series Games as the National League Champs in 2009 &2010!

#8 - 2012 FIRST PHILLY FLAG FEST apron ~ currently in the making for Philly Flag Raising Ceremony, March 27, 2012!