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Celebrate the birthday of Philadelphia's Civic Flag every March 27th!
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Five Philly FLAG Facts


Who: Reverend Henry McCook, Vice President of the Academy of Natural Sciences 1882. He was a highly regarded Entomologist for his expertise on the behavior of ants and spiders. He was also a Presbyterian Minister.

What: He suggested the concept of a Philadelphia civic flag and submitted designs(drawings) for the flag with a letter to Mayor Edwin S Stuart on October 3 1894.

When: On March 27, 1895 City council made the flag official with an ordinance(Ordinance = A Law)

Where: The Philadelphia Civic Flag began flying in and around City buildings. Gradually it was used in other public arenas. Where have you seen our Philly FLAG? (Click here to let us know)

Why: The concept of the Philly FLAG was presented by McCook first and foremost as a "unifying symbol" for all citizens in this beautifully diverse ethnic city.

About PFCP
 » PFCP Programs

Program #1
Philadelphia Flag Day! ~ Partners For Civic Pride partners with the City Of Philadelphia to produce the annual celebration of the Philadelphia FLAG on its anniversary March 27th. PFCP works year-round to raise the funds necessary to produce this public celebration where EVERYONE is welcome to attend and UNITE!

Program #2
PHILADELPHIA MANETO AWARDS ~ PHILADELPHIA MANETO AWARDS ~ PFCP presents the PHILADELPHIA MANETO AWARD(S) to outstanding individuals who embody the Philadelphia Flag's message ~ "PHILADELPHIA MANETO (Let brotherly love continue) through Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity" for the betterment of Philadelphia. On March 27th, PHILLY FLAG DOLLARS are awarded to help these individuals carry on their efforts to "let brotherly love continue!" The Awardees are asked to return each Philadelphia Flag Day ~ March 27th to honor the next recipients. This creates an annual, ever- growing community of civically engaged individuals united by their Civic Flag and its uplifting message!

Program #3
BECOME A MEMBER ~ Citizens may receive a Philadelphia Civic FLAG by visiting our website [www.pfcp.org] and clicking on the “Become A Member” button. To become a member you agree to LIVE the city motto, and to share the knowledge of the FLAG with others. Also, if you fly flags, each Member is asked to fly or display the Philly FLAG on its anniversary, every March 27th!

Program #4
PHILLY PRIDE LADY!™ GET FLAGGED PRESENTATIONS ~ Philly Pride Lady [PPL] goes on site to your locations,i.e, school, organization, business to present our shared Philly FLAG Story while celebrating everything GOOD about being Philadelphian! All teachers who attend the presentation receives a FREE Philadelphia Civic Flag for their classroom! All organizations and businesses are presented with a Philly FLAG to fly at their location! PPL can also be booked for a PHILLY FLAG FACTORY session, where all participants make a Philly Flag!

 » What does Get Flagged™ mean?

To be considered “flagged” you know the Philly FLAG message as depicted on the Philadelphia Civic Flag: PHILADELPHIA MANETO, which means “Let Brotherly Love Continue!” Plus, the four uplifting symbols: Peace, Hope, Justice & Prosperity for all!

If you fly flags, then please, fly or display the Philly FLAG every March 27th, on its anniversary, and celebrate its message with others around you!

 » Ways to Get Philly Flagged!™ and Celebrate our Flag’s Message!
  • Become a Member for civic pride! Click here.
  • Book The Philly Pride Lady!™ to come and share our Philly FLAG Story at your school, business, organization, or neighborhood event!
  • Wear your Philly FLAG Gear! [Coming Soon]
  • Be creative with your ideas to spread the word! Tell us how you are helping to get Philly FLAGGED!™
    Your ideas may appear on our Facebook page or in press and media.
    Some ideas we've received from citizens:
  • Wear blue & yellow shoelaces in your shoes! ~ Tyronne, North Philly
  • Get a Philly FLAG tattoo! ~ Janny Fennell, North Philly
  • Learn the Philly FLAG CHANT! ~ Tonita Gomez, Northeast Philly
  • Say, “PHILADELPHIA MANETO!” instead of Hi! ~ Northeast Philly
  • Make up a Philly FLAG handshake! ~ Vincent Gallagher ~ Northeast
  • Make up a Philly FLAG Song ~ Jamille Dejesus ~ Northeast

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