Partners for Civic Pride brings Philadelphians together, celebrating our city’s legacy, values, and motto.

Discover how the first official City Flag in America, embedded with messages of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity, continues to inspire and connect us all.

PhilAdElphia Maneto

"Let Brotherly Love Continue"

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City Motto

Philadelphia Maneto

"Let Brotherly Love Continue"

The FIRST Official City Flag in America!

MARCH 27, 1895

through Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity for all!

At Partners for Civic Pride, our mission is to elevate social capital (connectivity) and foster community unity by celebrating the rich heritage and profound message of the Philadelphia Civic Flag - our universal connector!

Embodied with Philadelphia Maneto alongside symbols of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity, our flag serves as a beacon of unity and pride.

As the birthplace of the nation’s first official city flag, Philadelphia holds a unique position to lead by example. Through promoting and living the principles enshrined in our flag, we continue to build a roadmap to unity, connecting Philadelphians and honoring our city's pivotal role in shaping the American ethos.

Our Mission

The Philadelphia Flag is the symbol that unites Philadelphians, regardless of race, religion, level of education or socioeconomic status, and it encourages us to live up to our City Motto, Philadelphia Maneto ~ “Let Brotherly Love Continue.”

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Our Founding Vision

The Story of Philly Pride Lady

In 1998, Brenda Exon made a surprising discovery: Philadelphia has its own civic flag.

"I see an opportunity for a citywide Philly FLAG Campaign to promote civic pride via the Philadelphia Civic Flag with its meaningful motto and powerful symbols."

"This new 'civic experiment' may foster the spirit of the original Holy Experiment of William Penn, who named his new, green country town, Brotherly Love, believing that a city founded with Love will be a good and just place to live."


Every March 27th

Philadephians united by their Flag!

Our PHILLY Flag was officially adopted MARCH 27, 1895!

Recent Philadelphia  Maneto Award Recipients

In the midst of the March 2020 Pandemic, the Philadelphia Maneto Awards were presented, honoring those citizens who put the "Philadelphia Maneto Message” into action to make Philly a better place for all citizens, especially for those affected by gun violence. The coveted Awards will be presented, for the first time since 2020, during the 2025 PHILLY FLAG DAY celebration!

Chase Lenfest


Ryshee Shaw


Frank Gillis-Corbitt, Jaden Burnett & Quadir Gamble


Zach Bookbinder & Azir Harris


Victoria Wylie


Help Keep Philadelphia's Flag Flying High!

Join us in celebrating and promoting Philadelphia's rich history and vibrant community spirit and Pride of Place. Your contributions support our educational programs, community events, and the preservation of our city's symbols.

Let's ensure that every Philadelphian feels proud of our city's flag and what it stands for!


In the Press

It worked out better that we had to rethink how we give these awards. It’s wonderful to come into your neighborhood and let your neighbors see the wonderful neighbors they have.

"My Pledge to Philadelphia"

My city of Brotherly Love -
To you, I pledge my pride.

To peace, hope, justice, and prosperity,
By these principles I will abide-
Let them be my guide!

I love you Philadelphia,
You are my home.

Let us live together and grow,
Philadelphia Maneto!

Recite the Pledge

with Will Smith Sr.

Will Smith Sr. made a significant contribution to the city's spirit of unity and brotherhood by authoring the "Philadelphia Pledge." This pledge, inspired by the principles embedded in the Philadelphia Civic Flag, was designed to strengthen the bonds among citizens and encourage a commitment to community values.

Smith's pledge encapsulates the essence of "Philadelphia Maneto," which translates to "Let Brotherly Love Continue," urging residents to uphold and promote peace, hope, justice, and prosperity. By creating this pledge, Will Smith Sr. aimed to foster a deeper sense of civic pride and responsibility, making it a cornerstone for community gatherings and official ceremonies.

His work not only enriched Philadelphia’s cultural heritage but also left a lasting legacy of civic engagement that continues to inspire future generations.