Partners For Civic Pride (PFCP) leverages the Philadelphia Civic Flag to strengthen community bonds and enhance civic engagement. Recognizing the flag as a powerful symbol of unity, PFCP integrates its motto and symbols — Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity — into all activities, fostering a shared commitment to the ethos of "Philadelphia Maneto (Let Brotherly Love Continue)."

Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Philadelphia

The Civic Flag as a Universal Connector

What is Social Capital?

Cultivating Community and Civic Pride

Social Capital measures the civic engagement within a community, offering insights into how much people trust, socialize, and interact with others.

Harvard Professor Robert D. Putnam, in his influential book, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, details the decline of Social Capital in America and its adverse effects on various aspects of community life including education quality, public health, safety, governmental responsiveness, and economic progress.

Why Social Capital Matters?

The Role of Social Capital in Community Health

Better Together: Report of the Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America[2001]*, is the valuable final product of the Saguaro Seminar, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, under the leadership of Professor, Robert D. Putnam. The study looked at the effects of building Social Capital and proved that communities with high levels of Social Capital — where connections among family, friends, neighbors, and civic institutions are strong — enjoy numerous benefits.

Higher Educational Achievement
Reduced Crime and Violence
Accelerated Economic Growth
Enhanced Performance of Governmental Institutions

These findings underline the direct correlation between the healthiness of a community and its level of Social Capital, surpassing traditional indicators like income or education levels. Social Capital can be fostered and strengthened in any community (any population size), regardless of race, religion, level of education or economic status.*

Join Us in Building a Stronger Philadelphia

We invite all Philadelphians to engage with our initiatives and contribute to enhancing our city's Social Capital. By participating in events, educational programs, and community activities centered around the Civic Flag, you can help build a more connected and resilient Philadelphia.