Buy It & Fly It!

Show your pride for Philadelphia by owning the official Philly flag! Each purchase directly supports the PFCP programs and events designed to uplift and unify our community. Get your flag ready for waving on Philly Flag Day and all year round.

Fly Your Philly Flag

Every March 27th

Join fellow Philadelphians every March 27th to celebrate Philly Flag Day and honor the first official city flag in America.

Raise your flag high and show your city pride as we commemorate the history and values our flag stands for.

Let's paint the town blue and yellow!

Recite and Spread the Philadelphia Maneto Message

"Philadelphia Maneto"—let brotherly love continue through Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity for ALL!"

Teach this message, share it with friends, and keep the spirit of unity alive.

Philadelphia Maneto

Book a Philly Flag Presentation

Invite Brenda Exon, The Philly Civic Pride Lady!™

Bring the spirit of Philadelphia right into your event or classroom with Brenda Exon, The Philly Civic Pride Lady!™

Brenda's presentations are a fantastic way to educate and inspire audiences of all ages about the importance and history of our city's flag.

Schools, community centers, and corporate events can all benefit from this engaging experience that highlights the values of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity.

"My Pledge to Philadelphia"

My city of Brotherly Love -
To you, I pledge my pride.

To peace, hope, justice, and prosperity,
By these principles I will abide-
Let them be my guide!

I love you Philadelphia,
You are my home.

Let us live together and grow,
Philadelphia Maneto!

Learn the Pledge

On March 27th, join hands with thousands of Philadelphians to recite ‘My Pledge to Philadelphia.’ It's a day to unite and affirm our commitment to the values our flag symbolizes.

Recite the Pledge

with Will Smith Sr.

What Does It Mean to Get Flagged™?

Being “flagged” means you embrace and promote the Philadelphia Civic Flag’s message of "Philadelphia Maneto," which signifies "Let Brotherly Love Continue."

We encourage all Philadelphians to fly or display the flag on March 27th and share its message of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity.