Past Philadelphia Maneto Award Recipients

In the midst of the March 2020 Pandemic, the Philadelphia Maneto Awards were presented, honoring those citizens who put the "Philadelphia Maneto Message” into action to make Philly a better place for all citizens, especially for those affected by gun violence. The coveted Awards will be presented, for the first time since 2020, during the 2025 PHILLY FLAG DAY celebration!

Chase Lenfest upholds his family's proud legacy through his dedicated efforts in the North 10 Project, which aims to transform the Hunting Park and East Tioga communities. His focus is on driving economic growth, expanding housing options, enhancing educational opportunities, and promoting wellness to ensure a thriving future for all residents.

Beyond economic development, Chase is deeply committed to embedding the values of the Philadelphia Civic Flag into the community fabric. He champions the flag's message of "Philadelphia Maneto," which translates to "Let Brotherly Love Continue," along with its symbols of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity. Chase understands that these principles foster social capital and community connectedness, leading to tangible benefits such as improved educational outcomes, reduced crime, economic prosperity, and more effective governance.

Thanks to Chase's generosity and leadership, key initiatives like the Philly Flag Fest and The Philadelphia Maneto Awards continue to celebrate and instill civic pride across Philadelphia, furthering the legacy his father, H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest, began.

Chase Lenfest

2020 Honoree

Ryshee Shaw

2020 Justice

Ryshee Shaw, inspired by his challenging experiences, organized the "Rise Up Break the Chains Youth March" to confront critical issues affecting Philadelphia's youth: gun violence, mass incarceration, and bullying. The march, a powerful procession along Broad Street from York St. to City Hall with a casket, aimed to awaken the city to the urgent crises facing its young population.

From a young age, Ryshee faced profound adversity, losing his father to murder in Brewerytown, navigating foster care, and enduring bullying. These experiences forged his resolve to effect change and prevent further tragedies among his peers. His initiative highlights the urgent need for justice and embodies the Philadelphia Civic Flag's call to "Let Brotherly Love Continue."

Ryshee's commitment to fostering a safer, more just Philadelphia demonstrates the profound impact one individual can have on their community, making him a deserving recipient of the Justice Maneto Award.

Victoria Wylie

2020 Prosperity

Victoria Wylie, an inspiring leader in the community, has dedicated her life to supporting survivors of gun violence. In memory of her brother "Taylay," who was tragically lost to gun violence in July 2008, she founded The Donte Wylie Foundation. The foundation is committed to creating safe spaces where survivors, perpetrators of harm, and community members can come together to heal and devise strategies to reduce gun violence.

Victoria's commitment extends beyond the foundation. She is actively involved with The Youth Commission for Change and leads The Trauma Club, which provides comprehensive support—from housing assistance to various support services—for gunshot survivors to thrive despite their challenges. Notably, her efforts include organizing monthly meetings for The Trauma Club, which serves a critical support group including paraplegic and quadriplegic survivors, such as co-awardee for Hope, Azir Harris.

Victoria's unwavering dedication not only honors her brother's memory but also fosters a community environment where individuals can prosper following traumatic experiences. Her work is a testament to the power of resilience and the positive impact of compassionate leadership.

Zach Bookbinder and Azir Harris, two young men from diverse backgrounds, embody the spirit of "Letting Brotherly Love Continue," a central message of the Philadelphia Civic Flag. Their partnership exemplifies hope and the profound impact of kindness and compassion within the community.

In 2018, Azir, a teenager from South Philadelphia, became a paraplegic after surviving a gunshot attack. Moved by Azir's story, Zach organized a basketball fundraising tournament that not only united city and suburban communities but also restored hope and joy to Azir's life. This event rallied supporters from all walks of life, raising over $5,000 to assist Azir's family during a critical time.

The collaboration between Zach and Azir highlights the power of community support and gives hope to many, showcasing their incredible resilience and the compassion of those around them. Their story continues to inspire and motivate others to promote brotherly love and solidarity across the region.

Zach Bookbinder & Azir Harris

2020 Hope

Frank Gillis-Corbitt, Jaden Burnett, and Quadir Gamble have truly embodied the "Philadelphia Maneto" message of our City Flag, championing "Let Brotherly Love Continue" through their dedicated peace efforts. In response to a tragic shooting at a high school football game, these remarkable young men organized an Anti-Violence Basketball Tournament. This innovative event brought together students from Parkway Center City Middle College and 9th District Police Officers, fostering better community and police relations and promoting a unified front against gun violence.

Their commitment to peace extends beyond the basketball court. They actively participate in the annual Fill The Steps Against Gun Violence event at The Art Museum and support "Moms Bonded by Grief," initiatives that underscore their deep commitment to building a peaceful community. Furthermore, their activism has led them to Harrisburg and Washington D.C., where they advocate for awareness and solutions to gun violence, impacting lives citywide and beyond.

Frank, Jaden, and Quadir's actions demonstrate a profound understanding that lasting peace begins with collaboration and mutual respect. Their efforts to bridge gaps between the community and law enforcement are paving the way for a safer, more united Philadelphia.

Frank Gillis-Corbitt, Jaden Burnett & Quadir Gamble

2020 Peace

Dr. Evans has profoundly touched the lives of countless families through her foundational role in creating the first Ronald McDonald House. This groundbreaking initiative has provided a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children, offering them comfort and support during their most challenging times.

Moreover, Dr. Evans's dedication extends into the realm of education, where she has been a fervent advocate for accessible and quality education. Her significant contributions to the St. James School exemplify her commitment to nurturing young minds, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Dr. Evans’s lifetime of good deeds and her unwavering support for both health and education have truly embodied the spirit of the Philadelphia Maneto Award, inspiring peace within our community and beyond.

Dr. Audrey Evans

2015 Peace

Taney Dragons Little Leage Team

2015 Hope

This accolade celebrates the Taney Dragons Little League Team’s outstanding performance during the 2014 baseball season, where they not only competed in the Little League World Series Championship but also represented Philadelphia with exemplary dignity and sportsmanship.

The Taney Dragons' remarkable journey through the summer of 2014 captivated and uplifted our city, instilling a sense of pride and abundant hope among Philadelphians, particularly inspiring our youth. Their dedication and achievements have truly embodied the spirit of Philadelphia and demonstrated the positive impact of sports in building community and fostering hope.

Ajay K. Raju

2015 Prosperity

Ajay K. Raju’s commitment to Philadelphia’s youth is embodied in his pioneering "Germination Society," a program that identifies and nurtures high school students with outstanding leadership potential. More than a scholarship fund, it integrates these promising youths into global business and cultural networks, enhancing their opportunities and bolstering the city’s economic future.

Driven by his belief in Philadelphia’s historic and future greatness, Raju’s initiatives significantly boost the city’s standing as a hub of international commerce and innovation. The Germination Society is a key part of his efforts to invigorate the city’s economic landscape, inspiring a new generation to elevate Philadelphia and achieve great things.

Renowned for his impactful career in law enforcement, Commissioner Ramsey has become a national symbol of integrity and fairness. His leadership and commitment to justice have not only transformed policing practices but have also lifted Philadelphia’s stature as a beacon of progressive law enforcement.

His selection for President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing further validates his esteemed reputation and dedication to enhancing community-police relations. Commissioner Ramsey's visionary approach has inspired trust and hope, making a lasting impact on our community and the nation.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey

2015 Hope

Will Smith Sr., a true son of Philadelphia and a revered figure in our community, exemplifies the quintessential virtues of honesty, wisdom, compassion, and thoughtfulness. With a successful business career under his belt, Will is celebrated not only for his intelligence and modesty but also for his unwavering generosity and loyalty to his family, friends, and city.

Beyond his business achievements, Will is a devoted father, a mentor to many, and a steadfast supporter of education and cultural initiatives. His contributions to the community extend far beyond material success, as he continually acts as a positive force and ambassador for Philadelphia. On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Partners For Civic Pride, we are proud to honor Will Smith Sr. for his foundational role in our organization. His first perfect brick laid has helped build a lasting legacy. Thank you, Will, for your enduring impact and dedication to fostering brotherly love in our city.

Will Smith Sr.

2015 Honoree

Gerry Lenfest's contributions to Philadelphia have left an indelible mark on the city’s cultural landscape and its people. Known for his humility and profound impact, he has supported numerous initiatives across the arts, education, health, and community sectors. His philanthropy has bolstered institutions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Collection, and the Museum of the American Revolution, alongside preserving vital community resources like the city’s swimming pools.

Lenfest’s generosity often flew under the radar, with many of his donations made anonymously, embodying true altruism. His efforts ensured the revival of the city-wide Veterans’ Day Parade and supported countless other projects that enhance the quality of life in Philadelphia. Gerry Lenfest’s legacy is not just in the cultural icons he helped sustain but in the quiet support he provided to ensure a thriving future for Philadelphia. The city owes him a profound debt of gratitude for his visionary support and enduring kindness.

H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest

2015 Honoree

Rev. Dr. Henry C. McCook, a pioneer in the realm of city flags, crafted the first official City Flag for Philadelphia on March 27, 1895, setting a national precedent for the adoption of city flags across America. His vision for "constant use and display" helped to embed these flags into the fabric of urban identity.

A revered entomologist and Vice President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, McCook also served as the Presbyterian Minister at the Philadelphia Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. His expertise in natural sciences and deep civic spirit informed his flag design, which integrated the 1874 City Seal, featuring the symbols of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity.

McCook's legacy is immortalized in the flag’s motto "Philadelphia Maneto" — "Let Brotherly Love Continue," which continues to inspire and define the ethos of the city to this day.

Henry C. McCook

2015 Honoree

As the dedicated Principal of Strawberry Mansion High School, Linda Cliatt-Wayman has made remarkable strides in transforming the educational landscape for one of Philadelphia’s most underserved youth populations.

Her unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education and her efforts to instill peace, hope, justice, and prosperity among her students embody the true spirit of “Letting Brotherly Love Continue.” Under her leadership, Strawberry Mansion High School has become a beacon of hope, demonstrating the powerful impact of compassionate and determined educational leadership.

Congratulations to Linda Cliatt-Wayman for her outstanding contributions and for being a formidable advocate for peace and education in Philadelphia.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman

2014 Peace

Via Sikahema

2014 Hope

Vai Sikahema is a remarkable advocate with a heartfelt commitment as the spokesperson for "Wednesday's Child." Over the past decade, his dedication has significantly enhanced the lives of countless foster children in the Philadelphia area.

Sikahema’s relentless efforts have not only brought joy and hope to many children but have also had a profoundly positive impact on the community, truly embodying the spirit of "Let Brotherley Love Continue." His work exemplifies the power of compassionate outreach and steadfast advocacy in transforming the lives of the most vulnerable.

Congratulations, Vai Sikahema, for your outstanding dedication and for being a beacon of hope in Philadelphia.

Dr. Ala Stanford-Frey

2014 Prosperity

Dr. Ala Stanford-Frey has made impactful contributions through "It Takes Philly!"—an initiative she founded to enrich the lives of Philadelphia’s youth.

Dr. Stanford-Frey’s organization focuses on opening doors for young people by connecting them with career opportunities that pave the way to a promising future. Her deep commitment to youth empowerment exemplifies the essence of "Letting Brotherly Love Continue," positively shaping the community and fostering prosperity among its younger members.

Congratulations, Dr. Stanford-Frey, for your exceptional efforts and dedication to the prosperity and growth of Philadelphia's youth.

Wei Chen has made significant contributions as an organizer of Asian Americans United in Philadelphia, where his leadership has been pivotal in promoting social justice and fostering safe, inclusive educational environments.

Chen’s dedication to enhancing understanding and cooperation among Philadelphia’s youth showcases his commitment to the core values of justice and community unity. His efforts have not only made a positive impact on the lives of young people but have also strengthened the social fabric of our city.

Congratulations, Wei Chen, on your exemplary work and for embodying the true spirit of justice through your tireless advocacy and leadership.

Wei Chen

2015 Justice

Through her compelling and insightful journalism, Annette John-Hall has passionately covered critical social issues such as education, poverty, racism, and discrimination, bringing a voice to those often left unheard in our community.

Ms. John-Hall's dedication to sharing the stories of those embodying the values of our city's flag has not only informed but inspired our community. Her thoughtful reporting acts as a catalyst for change and dialogue, truly exemplifying the spirit of "Letting Brotherly Love Continue."

We recognize and celebrate Annette John-Hall for her unwavering commitment to journalism that enlightens and advocates for justice and equality in Philadelphia.

Annette John-Hall


Smokin’ Joe Frazier


Joe "Smokin' Joe" Frazier, a legendary figure both in and out of the boxing ring, is the honored recipient of the 2012 Philadelphia Maneto Award. Joe's life exemplified the values of dignity, modesty, and peace, aligning perfectly with the ideals represented on our city flag.

A fierce competitor, Joe Frazier secured an Olympic Gold Medal while competing with a broken thumb, demonstrating unparalleled resilience and determination. Beyond his athletic prowess, Joe was deeply committed to helping others, embodying true sportsmanship and generosity. Notably, he extended support to his greatest rival, Muhammad Ali, offering financial assistance and a place to stay during Ali's time of need.

Joe's boxing gym became a cornerstone of the community, where young people learned the essential value of respect—Joe's primary criterion for membership. His gym was more than a training facility; it was a place where young individuals gained life skills and built character under Joe's guidance.

Renowned as a "People's Champion," Joe Frazier lived a life that reflected justice and charity. He took immense pride in representing his title, his family, and his city, making him a true embodiment of Philadelphia's spirit.

Marvis Frazier accepts the 2012 Philadelphia Maneto Award on behalf of his Father Joe Frazer from Partners Board Member Rob Stoller. Awarded at Philadelphia Flag Day March 27, 2012