Our mission is to unite the people of Philadelphia by actively pursuing, promoting, and celebrating the foundational principles of Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity.

We aim to weave these principles into the fabric of our city through the symbols and message of the Philadelphia Civic Flag, creating a sense of unity and pride among all Philadelphians.

Our Mission

Uniting Philadelphians Through Our Flag

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Our Purpose

Cultivating Community and Civic Pride

PFCP organizes Philly Flag Day annually on March 27th, bringing the community together to celebrate our shared heritage and values.

Throughout the year, we extend the Philadelphia Maneto Spirit of this celebration through educational programs that reach schools, businesses, and organizations city-wide.

Our purpose is to deepen the understanding of the flag’s significance and foster a sense of belonging and civic pride among Philadelphians.

Our guiding motto, 'Philadelphia Maneto,' underscores every initiative we undertake.

This historic call to 'Let brotherly love continue' is a daily reminder of our commitment to fostering peace and unity.

It is a call to action for every citizen to embody the spirit of brotherly love that is the foundation of our city.

Our City Motto

Philadelphia Maneto:
Let Brotherly Love Continue

Our Values

Our Commitment to Community Integrity

We ensure that every initiative and program is deeply aligned with our mission to unite Philadelphians through our civic flag. This alignment guarantees that all activities genuinely reflect our commitment to fostering community unity and pride.

Mission Integrity

We are committed to transparency and efficiency in the use of our resources. All funds are directed exclusively towards mission-centric activities, with our devoted all-volunteer team ensuring that financial contributions are maximized for community impact.


Our long-term sustainability is key to continuing our mission. We prioritize securing stable financial resources to support the growth of our programs and to fairly compensate the dedicated individuals who drive our efforts forward.


We uphold the highest standards of ethics in all our interactions. Our community can trust us to be fair, honest, and open in our communications and actions.


We believe in the power of inclusivity and teamwork. By fostering an environment of collaboration and appreciation, we bring together diverse voices and talents to achieve common goals.


Education is at the heart of our mission. We strive to inform and engage our community about the historical and contemporary significance of our civic flag, encouraging active participation and civic responsibility.


We respect the time and contributions of everyone involved with our organization. By being punctual and accountable, we honor the commitment of our community members and volunteers, ensuring that their efforts effectively support our shared goals.


Our vision is for every Philadelphian to embody the four founding principles—Peace, Hope, Justice, and Prosperity—and the city motto 'Philadelphia Maneto' as depicted on our Philadelphia Civic Flag. By living these values, we aim to foster a stronger, more connected community that thrives on mutual respect and collective effort.

Our Vision

Living the Values of Our City's Flag

Envisioning a United Philadelphia

  • Civic Engagement Among Youth: We strive to make civic participation a popular and enriching activity among our youth, cultivating a new generation of engaged citizens.

  • Community Connectivity: Our initiatives aim to strengthen the bonds within our community, ensuring that Philadelphians are closely knit through their civic activities.

  • Expression of Civic Pride: We envision a city where civic pride is vividly expressed in schools, neighborhoods, and across all community interactions.

  • Prominent Display of the Flag: The Philadelphia Flag becomes a symbol of unity and pride, displayed prominently in schools, businesses, public spaces, and every household, particularly during our citywide celebration on March 27th.

  • Annual Celebration of Unity: March 27th is revered as a day of unity where the entire city comes together under the banner of the Philadelphia Flag to celebrate and renew our commitment to brotherly love.

  • Recognition through Awards: The annual Philadelphia Maneto Awards highlight and honor those individuals and organizations that exemplify our city's values, fostering a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment for the betterment of Philadelphia.

Help Keep Philadelphia's Flag Flying High!

Join us in celebrating and promoting Philadelphia's rich history and vibrant community spirit and Pride of Place. Your contributions support our educational programs, community events, and the preservation of our city's symbols.

Let's ensure that every Philadelphian feels proud of our city's flag and what it stands for!